Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services

If something in your commercial building needs to be cleaned or maintained, call us for the solution. CClean offers custodial cleaning services throughout Westchester County in New York, Fairfield County in Connecticut, the Bronx, Manhattan, and other parts of the Tristate area.

Specialty services include, but are not limited to:

  • High dusting
  • Protective coatings to maximize or enhance service life of resilient flooring
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Detail cleaning of sensitive architectural fixtures and HVAC diffusers
  • Terrazzo restoration
  • Inventory and ordering of consumable goods
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Restroom sanitizing
  • Sanitizing of window blinds, drapes and curtains

CClean’s specialized cleaning services are available in Westchester County, New York; Fairfield County, Connecticut and throughout the Tristate area.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.