Labor Support

When you need reliable trained cleaners due to absenteeism, upcoming inspection or a special event, call on CClean.

Healthcare systems rely on CClean’s experienced and professional team members to provide daily janitorial maintenance, sanitizing and terminal cleaning of medical facilities, and execution of JCAHO, DOH and AAAASF compliance programs. We understand the unique challenges of this mission-critical work and will seamlessly integrate with your in-house EVS team.

In colleges and private schools, CClean professionals will maintain a clean and healthy campus and exceed the expectations of stakeholders, including students, parents and faculty. We will respect and adapt to the culture and help you meet the challenges of providing a healthy indoor environment for all.

Trained & Trusted

Rigorous background checks and certification through our comprehensive training program ensures the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of CClean’s employees. This includes training that reinforces the importance of segregating cleaning supplies to reduce cross contamination and effective use of the most advanced products and equipment. With low turnover and high expectations, we will perform to your standards of excellence.

Reliable & Responsive

Our commitment to quality control, state-of-the-art technology and continual process improvement has earned the trust of facility managers and environmental service directors in many of our region’s leading medical, educational and corporate spaces, and we are prepared to earn yours.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.