Infection Control

You need to protect the health of your employees, clients and anyone else who enters your building, and CClean can help you do it.

We have invested in innovative electrostatic sprayers that apply disinfectants efficiently, provide effective coverage, and produce superior results to fogging systems. With this state-of-the-art technology and customized infection-control plans, CClean can help defend your space against the germs and bacteria that cause illnesses like Covid-19, influenza and more.

Why Electrostatic?
Most surface areas are neutral (uncharged) or negative. Our electrostatic sprayers place a positive electrical charge on droplets of disinfectant, allowing them to adhere to vertical, horizonal and three-dimensional surfaces. This provides consistent and uniform coverage that cannot be achieved through fogging or spray/wipe methods… and eliminates cross-contamination of dangerous pathogens.
The Infection Control Process
First, we use our own experience and client input to identify high-touch surfaces, which are thoroughly cleaned by hand. This includes everything from light switches and door handles to computer keyboards and elevator buttons and much more. Then, we apply disinfectant with electrostatic sprayers.
The health of our workforce and yours is paramount. Our team is thoroughly trained in the use of personal protection equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves and coveralls. In addition, we use EPA-registered disinfectants proven effective against coronavirus for deep cleaning, sanitizing and infection control.
If you operate a health care facility, child care center, grocery store, restaurant, or an essential retail / corporate/nonprofit workplace that’s open now, or if you want to develop a proactive infection control plan so you’re ready when it’s time to reopen, CClean has the expertise and experience to help you do it right.

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